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Mexico City

Academic education
Currently: Shadow Channel
MA at Sandberg Instituut, NL

Major in Visual Communication, graduated with honors (2008–2012)
CENTRO de diseño, cine y televisión, CDMX
Studies in Philosophy (2008–2012)
UNAM–Faculty of Philosophy, CDMX

Seminars & Workshops
Centro Artístico Fotográfico
Artistic photography with Saúl Serrano (2007), CDMX

School of Visual Arts
Turning letters into type, type design course with Sara Soskolne—H&FJ, NYC (2010)

Presenting data and information
with Edward Tufte, NYC (2011)

Triple Canopy
Summer Intensive, a two-week program in the history and contemporary practice of publication, NYC (2014)

Triple Canopy
Universal Time: a seminar on publication as a means of producing and distributing knowledge, CDMX (2014)

ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design, Holland
GDA Summer Sessions, Detroit, USA (2015)

Fundación Alumnos47
«Second Thoughts» workshops, focused on artistic practices that use visual communication and graphic design as mediums and motives of critical research and experimentation, CDMX (2015-2016)

A school for 21st century typography, Toronto, CA (2017)

Professional experience
Designer at studio ReD basicolor, with María Calderón (2008–2011)

Designer at CENTRO de diseño, cine y televisión (2007–2012)

Designer at A———K—88 (2012–to date)

Typography and Information Design professor at CENTRO de diseño, cine y televisión, CDMX (2015–to date)

Awards & Shows
Receiver of three Quórum prizes for the best in mexican design, for editorial and identity design. (2012)

Exploraciones tipográficas.
Gallery Amarillo. Jalapa, Veracruz. (2010)

Cantera. Exposición de diseño mexicano.
CENTRO de diseño, cine y televisión. (2011)

Año Cero. Exposición de ganadores del XX Premio Quórum a lo mejor del diseño mexicano.
Franz Mayer Museum. (2012)

Exhibition of «Mangrove Swamps» a visual installation at CutOut Fest animation festival. (2013)

Exhibition of «Neon is not a color» at Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, Main Show. (2013)

Exhibition of diverse proyects at «Contar el tiempo|CENTRO 2004–2014» on the 10th anniversary of the university
CENTRO de diseño, cine y televisión. (2014)

Exhibition of «It’s hidden in plain sight» in We Fake It.
Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, USA. (2015)